Thursday, December 30, 2010

Turkey potpie - yum!

Our family tradition is to cook off the turkey carcass and make wonderful broth which we use in either rivvel soup or Pa. Dutch style boiled potpie.  I was just sitting here dozing and awoke to the smell of turkey cooking off in the kitchen.  Now my job is to prepare some potatoes and boil them while we mix up, roll out, and cut dough into squares that are then dropped into the boiling hot broth.  We miss living in Pennsylvania and we feel right at home when we have dinners like these.  Pictures will follow of preparing this yummy, ribsticking dinner!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Adventures in using Italian ingredients in American recipes!

Only today (Christmas Eve) did I realize that we didn't have any yeast for our Christmas morning cinnamon rolls!  So we called Ernesto at the office and he told us yeast is called lievito di birra.  Off to the PAM store we went and bought milk for the 3rd time this week, some eggs, and 2 packets of lievito.  Before our dinner of pappardele con cianghale, Kristen and I assembled the ingredients and placed them in the bread machine.  Then, Kristen asked me if the blade was in the machine bowl... uh, I don't know was my answer.  Then we started the search for the blade which obviously wasn't in the bread maker during our move from the Netherlands to Italy.  It isn't very big and could have been anywhere among all of my cooking utensils.  Finally, we found it in the drawer and I turned the machine on (perched on top of the microwave using the only electrical outlet in the room).  Can you see the whole microwave cart rocking with the rhythm of the bread machine as it kneaded the dough?

After dinner, we pulled the dough out and let it rest.  Kristen completed the process by rolling, topping and cutting the dough and placing the rolls into the pan.  Only then did she realize that the recipe said to let them rest for 30 minutes in a warm oven!  So, the preheated oven was turned back and the rolls are happily resting until things cool down a bit.  Our kitchen is very much like a magazine test kitchen except that we tend not to want to read the recipes that carefully or worry about the small details!  This is what happens when ADHD is running amok in your house!  Only the tasting will prove whether we placed the right amount of lievito in and whether they were prepared properly.  I can't wait!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 1

Watching Friends with Kristen and having a wonderful time doing "nothing" together!  Like my usual method, I got bored with the other blog and started this one!

The title of this blog refers to how I feel when I try to speak Italian.  I have lots and lots of words running through my brain and never the correct the correct one that I need at the time.  We had our hair done yesterday and it was great fun communicating what we wanted.  When they asked what color I wanted, I said marrone because I know that means brown!  What shade, hmmm.......

More later on this.  Gotta watch Friends now!