Monday, March 21, 2011


Good morning Monday!  It's been a quiet morning so far.  I started the day with a shower and, even though our bathroom isn't my idea of wonderful, it did feel great!  I came downstairs and fed my "zoo" (Chris will laugh!) complete with giving Muffin her medicine and protecting Kitty's uneaten food from the marauding dogs...  A big cup of hot mint tea for me with a chocolate chip roll is my breakfast.  I forgot to mention that I came down to find Michael asleep on the couch.  He has had first Butch, then Muffin, then Muffin and Butch snuggling in with him.  I think he's lucky!  I'm getting a chance to blog, upload recent pictures and watch some morning TV (Hoda and Kathie Lee & The View... maybe).  Then we're on to getting in gear for our school day.  Two lessons again each day which will bring us to another set of tests.  I'm not sure how much I can do in the car on Wednesday since we have another trip to Naples for doctor visits and shopping (at the big American Commissary - yay!).  It's hard for me to decide just what to buy that is really needed and better to buy there with dollars vs. shopping in town here with euros.  The exchange rate makes it more expensive but some things are just better when bought locally and fresh.

The quiet was broken by neighborhood dogs barking.  Both of ours responded and woke up Michael!  I guess it's time to take them out for a run around the yard or two.  Happy week to all!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Morning Bliss! Cappuccino!

What could be better than Italian coffee with Torani vanilla syrup and frothed milk?  Yum!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saturday wanderings

On the way to Lido dei Pini (Pines)

A quiet day at the beach

One lone fisherman

Small waves

Larger waves

A man cleaning the beach

A good day for snails (like the ones we had on Valentine's Day)
I told Mike they'd have to visit a lot of railings though for the amount they served just at our table...

A sign outside a shop - which one jumps out at you?  Hot Dog!  Made us laugh!

Driving in downtown Nettuno on the way to the supermarket...

Gino's hair salon (a great place despite the graffiti)

The underground parking at the supermarket was full due to the rain (we parked just outside)

I'm still contemplating what sort of small car would be best...
Our Town & Country van is a bear to drive downtown not to mention parking...

The school across from the cemetery where Michael would go if he attended the local Italian school.
I'm hoping it is a lot better inside than out.  Homeschooling it is!

I'm loving my new camera.  I'm starting to use the manual settings and having fun taking better pictures than ever before.  Plus, the chance to share them on Facebook and this blog is fantastic.  I'm looking forward to better weather so that I can go outside more (other than watching the dogs go to the bathroom... :P) and take pictures of the beautiful world around this part of Italy.  Plus more pictures of Butch, Muffin and Kitty - our willing photo subjects.  Then I'll be experienced enough to take some great photos when we go on home leave!  That time is rapidly approaching - July 8!