Monday, March 7, 2011

Morning Bliss! Cappuccino!

What could be better than Italian coffee with Torani vanilla syrup and frothed milk?  Yum!


  1. Hi, Jane!

    I can almost read the name of the machine in your picture. What brand is it? Does it grind the beans, make the coffee, AND add frothed milk - or do you have separate machines? And, yes, that does look delicious! Lekker!

  2. Hi Sarah! It's a Bialetti. Nope, it doesn't grind the beans (the ones that do that are really expensive!). It has a frother on it so I need to do that after I brew the coffee. It WAS good! We just worked on analyzing poems and participial phrases... Meanwhile we're tuning up Michael's laptop and he's frustrated because he likes to play Star Trek Online at lunchtime break. We have to finish up History (feudalism) and Science (cardiovascular diseases), diagram some sentences to scan and email to Baltimore and maybe take a walk on the beach. So goes life in Villa Claudia!