Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thoughts while cutting the cheese...

Anyone laughing?  If you're part of our family, you would be!  Anyway, I planned to make a thick slice of ham for dinner in the oven and thought that homemade mac 'n cheese would be the winner side dish.  So, into the fridge I dove to look for those blocks of cheddar cheese we bought last trip to Naples.  Yippee!  I found them - both the sharp (yum) and the mild and brought them to the table for the said cutting.  Then I decided that having some of my nice Pinot Rosa frizzante wine would be a good idea to help me assemble dinner.  It sure helps one's mood in any case!

Well, I've run to the kitchen, drained the macaroni, realized maybe I could have made a bit more because I'm not used to making small amounts and I was afraid I'd make too much for the smaller casserole... for the smaller oven that can't fit both the ham and the mac n' cheese in my bigger Pyrex bowl.  Ahhh more cheese was the answer.  I piled that on top to take up a bit of space but I'm sure the two M's will figure this out right away!  They'll feel cheated with the mini dish of macaroni... to have our new bigger oven in the new house (yet to be built)...

I decided to make this wonderful dinner in the oven because my days will be numbered when I can stand turning on the oven and staying in the kitchen for longer than a minute or two.  Yes, no air conditioning in mid to Southern Italy is a bad idea in a kitchen.  But that goes along with the lack of that wonderful invention called a dishwasher.  I am now officially sick and tired of washing dishes by hand.  Not that I could wash them by foot or knee or anything else but this came to mind when my friend's friend mentioned putting a measuring cup that measured water into the dishwasher when it really wasn't dirty...  Oh how I miss those days of loading and unloading the dishwasher!  Of course, once I have one again, I'll get quickly tired of loading and unloading it and think seriously of using disposable dishes!

Then, I looked up to see the news and realized that I'm truly thankful for my small oven, for food to cook in the said oven, for those dishes and water and soap and all of the things we don't even take a moment to consider as we use them or look at them during the day.  I sit in a warm home that isn't in the midst of a horrible Winter storm or in the path of a horrifically scary cyclone (Australia).  Back to pondering and thinking and sipping my glass of fizzy wine and keeping in touch with my friends via blogs and Facebook.  I may not have these folks in the same room with me but we can always stay in closer touch than ever before.  Life is good.  Buona sera everyone!

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