Saturday, September 3, 2011

A visit back "home" in the Netherlands

Happiness is flying from Rome to Dusseldorf so you can have a mini vacation back North in the Netherlands!  This weekend is the 6th "Requiem" or Memorial Concert at the Netherlands American Cemetery on Sunday afternoon.  They are performing the Missa Solemnis by Beethoven.  We just checked the weather and they are predicting thunderstorms with heavy rain, wind and hail.  After the recent concerts that had stages collapse due to winds and storms, they will be watching this very carefully.

Meanwhile, we've been enjoying staying and John and Liz's Bed and Breakfast! A lovely dinner was had last evening at Steak Leon in Oirsbeek. Mike and I had the mixed grill platter and Liz had the liver and onions and I tasted it and it was better than liver has a right to be!  I loved it!  We came back and Mike had to work on a report and the rest of us listened to music and I had my first dirty vodka martini. It has green olives in it and anything with green olives is good in my book!  Then we drove to Kerkrade and picked up Michael from his visit with A.J.  He had a great time but hated to have to leave.  I felt that way with my visit with Lisa too!  I sure miss my girlfriends up here!

Today we are relaxing a bit (a lot) and enjoying it.  The boys are going to go hit some golf balls which cures whatever ails you.  Liz and I will relax and visit.  Later we'll go to Schinnen (the happiest place on Earth - a family joke) and shop a little.  Then we are going to Wok Paradijs for dinner.

Jeff Dunham's DVDs are a favorite with us throughout this visit.  We marvel at his abilities and have so much fun laughing at his performances.  He's so real.  It's what we all are like in real life anyway...

Keep posted for more fun in the Netherlands...

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