Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Moving... again

A cool, crisp day in November. I remember last year sitting and taking a picture of the sunshine on the floor in our dining room. Now I'll be leaving this home to move to the new home on the cemetery grounds. Hopefulness fills my soul with the thoughts of setting up my crafts corner in the new large laundry room. Happiness fills my soul at the thought that Kristen will soon be joining us for the Christmas holiday and we will have adventures in the new kitchen together. Motivation is refilled at the thought of homeschooling in the large living room/dining room where our desktop computer will be centrally located to make online work easier. So many thoughts - I'm ready to get down to business with packing and moving! No matter how many moves we make, there is always the thought that this time/this home will be easier, better... something... yeah...

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