Friday, May 25, 2012

Optimism - Seize the Day

True Story
(Picture from Facebook "A Beautiful Mess Inside")

I was born in the late '50s and grew up with a mother who lived through the Depression, World War II, the death of my father in the early 60's, and ensuing life events. The life my mother lived was much like others lived at that time. She, however, never was able to look forward and have a positive viewpoint. It shadowed our lives. She repeated stories about things that went wrong in her life and in the life of those she loved. It was rare that she was happy, but, when she was, I so enjoyed being able to share that with her. I grew up feeling like I had the possibility to be anything I wanted to be. Optimism was my point of view. This made our relationship strained because it is difficult to have a happy relationship with someone who is your opposite. I always hoped that things would get better, that I could do something that would change her outlook.

Now that my mother has passed away, there are many days I wish I could talk with her and share how I feel. I miss her! Having a daughter in college who lives away from us part of the year has shown me the loneliness that she felt when I married and moved from home. Now I just look to Heaven and think these thoughts and hope she is looking down and is now in a happy place and all of the unhappiness has been washed from her.

Life is a present, enjoy it to the fullest each day! 

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