Monday, June 4, 2012

When the right words won't come!

Repairmen have descended on my home. Some expected and some by surprise. Italian repairmen... who speak no English at all. The words I need to communicate with them haven't been learned yet. I didn't plan on learning the terms for circuit box or access areas for wiring. I'm sitting here trying to feel comfortable but can't. The electricians are in the living room. Bookshelves have been moved to access the wiring behind the access plates. Now I'm hearing sounds of things being moved in a big way in the pantry (I'm afraid to look). It's just the beginning. The air conditioners are being taken apart and put together correctly in the attic. It's chaos on a Monday morning.

Meanwhile, there is no way that I'll be able to get Michael to be able to concentrate on school work today with all of this craziness going on. I can only hope that the work planned can be done in one day. We are gaining on the end of 8th grade bit by bit and this will definitely put us behind yet again. Homeschooling a teenager with ADHD is tricky and adding these distractions makes it almost impossible. I'm sitting here praying for peace and quiet and the wisdom on how to organize our work to find our way to the end of the tunnel! The thought of taking the train and bus to American Overseas School of Rome flashes in my mind. At least the learning would be in a place reserved for learning. When you home school, life interrupts the learning environment when you least expect it!

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  1. You can do it! Personally, I would go sit under your lemon trees and do homework there. I LOVED them so much, and I'm so sad that we already used the 2 I picked. YUMMY!