Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Sunday before Election Day

I'm sitting here in the almost dark and it's 10 am in the morning! It's a rainy grey day here in Nettuno. The quiet is wonderful and has given me time to look at various sites on the web. The biggest news is that we are only 2 days away from the Presidential election. Two days! So many people have predicted victory on one side or the other. My hope is that our country will be led by an individual who has the best interests of the country in mind and that good decisions are made. We have already voted by absentee ballot so all we can do is sit and watch what happens. An exciting point in this big day is that Kristen gets to vote for the very first time. I know that this is something she is really excited about. I don't remember the first time I voted. Almost 40 years have passed since then! Now I really feel old!

Whoever reads this post, please pray for those who are going to vote, for those who are responsible for maintaining the proper handling of the votes and for our country. We can be proud that we are able to vote in a free election. I know that there have been stories of different ways that people are trying to influence or change votes and ballots. Pray that they are not successful. I don't engage in political conversations online because they usually get uncomfortable for one person or another. This is not meant to promote one party or the other. We did have a very exciting election 4 years ago when America elected a man of mixed race for the first time. He promised change. It was a very big promise to keep. I'd be happy with a strong government who protects its citizens with appropriate assistance and continues the story of our country as the greatest nation under God.

Get out there and vote!

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