Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day in Belgium and a great new blog to follow

Saturday morning following Valentine's Day dawned with the chiming of the carillon next to our home at 8am. A long day was had yesterday with a drive over to the base clinic in Mons and two appointments to keep. Michael was seeing a new doc and I was attempting to get an x-ray at the American clinic vs. going back to visit the busy Belgian hospital in Genk. We were pleased to find the new clinic very friendly and both medical providers really helpful. Michael got the full treatment with a trip to the lab for blood tests and also up to the Immunization clinic for a shot. My visit was interesting because my doctor was very curious about the treatment I've been receiving for my foot problems here in Belgium. He had never heard of the use of electro shockwave therapy for achilles and heel spur issues. It's always nice to share new information with people...

After all of the fun at the clinic, we went to the PX down the road and found baseball cleats for Michael and glove oil since both were not available at our base. I was thrilled to find a cash box for our new high school PTA. Yes, little triumphs are good! Then we ate at the very small food court (not filet mignon for V Day for us). Michael had sub-par Anthony's Pizza, Mike had Burger King and I had a doner kebab. Maybe I can plan something a little more appropriate for a celebratory Valentine's Dinner a day late! After our 2+ hour drive home, we settled in to watch a little of the Olympics. Definitely a different sort of Valentine's Day celebration for us.

This morning I found a great blog shared by Cathleen - Her post yesterday "Skip the Hype & Get to the Heart of Valentines Day" was great and to the point. So much "over the top" business these days going on.  Cathleen shared "Dear Lonely Mom of Older Kids" which hit home for me these days. With one finishing college and another halfway through high school, it is sometimes hard to deal with the issues older children bring. The days of diapers, finger paintings and many "firsts" are gone and we are on our way to being real empty nesters with our baby birds ready to launch into their own lives. It's a scary time for sure!

I highly recommend you visit Rachel Anne's Home Sanctuary to add a little peace and quiet in your day!


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